Diana Kadash

Diana Kadash is an experienced litigator in field of Personal Injury.  She has handled or assisted in numerous cases resulting in substantial awards for her clients.  Specifically, Ms. Kadash has handled thousands of personal injury cases.

Some of the more prominent are:

1) a $1.5 million dollar settlement for a motorcyclist who was struck by a vehicle pulling out of a parking lot and striking the passing motorcyclist.

2) a $495,000 settlement for a man who was traveling with a green light and struck by a commercial truck driven my an operator who was on his cell phone; client suffered a severely fractured leg.

3) $175,000 jury verdict against a trucking company for disregarding a red light and striking a woman in a car who suffered a fractured leg.

4) a settlement of $400,000 for a slip and fall on black ice in a parking lot in Philadelphia. The man was a construction worker on his way to work.

5) a settlement of $375,000 for tractor trailer operator when another tractor trailer pulled from the berm into a lane of travel on the interstate;

6) a $250,000 settlement for a woman parked in her SUV when a tractor trailer made a right hand turn dragging her parked car.

7) a $250,000 settlement for a woman with a fractured ankle from slipping on ice in a hospital parking lot in Philadelphia.

8) a $475,000 settlement for a woman in Coatesville who suffered a broken humorous bone when she walked in the rain across a parking lot of a strip mall and stepped into an unknown pothole that was full of water;

9) a $1,195,000 settlement for an employee who developed complex regional pain syndrome after his hand was seized between rollers in a conveyor at work (this was a client of mine I referred to Tom and I did a lot of work on the file).

10) a $225,000 mediation settlement for a woman with a fractured ankle from a trip and fall on uneven walkway.

11) a $375,000 settlement for a woman who fractured her arm on slip and fall on black ice at a Wawa.

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